How to Kickstart A Successful Career in Social Media

career in Social Media

As a new-age career opportunity, social media has grown splendidly over the last few years. Not only youngsters find it attractive and addictive, it is also a great opportunity for them to showcase their creativity and talent.

But a lot of freshers find it difficult to kickstart their journey in the industry. While some are lucky to get internships with the topmost agencies, many find themselves slogging hours for agencies that don’t help them grow.

So, as a student, how do you ensure that you set yourself up for a successful social media career? Let me take you through some pointers that I believe will help you immensely.

Understand Your Strengths

Where are you really good at? What are your strong points? Is it designing? Copywriting? Data analytics?

Before you apply to any agency, you must ensure that you will get to showcase your talent there. There are several agencies out there who have specific strong points. Some are good with creatives while some are smart with words. Choose the one where you feel your skills will be justified.

Build Your Connections

If you want to be successful, you must know people who will help you rise to the top. Connect with influencers who know a lot of people in the industry. Help them and engage in conversations with them. The deeper you connect, the more it will boost your career.

Build Your Persona

Establish yourself on prominent social media channels. Begin with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Make sure that your profile is all clean and helps you portray as an ardent social media enthusiast. Be yourself and try to brand yourself as much as possible. A lot of employers check out social media profiles of candidates

Be a Learner. Always.

There are no social media experts. We all are learners here and looking at how dynamic the industry is, no can claim to be an expert at anything. So always be hungry to learn new things and avenues. Be a seeker and you will rewarded greatly. Be complacent and fall is inevitable.

To be honest, the above pointers are just a preliminary information on how you can begin with your social media career. If you would like to know more, we welcome you to be a part of our Social Media Career Q&A Session tomorrow and the day after (i.e 22nd and 23rd March). You can ask away any question you have in mind about building a career in social media and panelists from MTV, Kingfisher and the likes will answer your queries.

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