Hyper Personalized Facebook Ads

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Hyper Personalized Facebook Ads

If you think targeting people on the basis of their location, age, educational qualification and marital status is personalized enough, then think again.

IBS (formerly Interface Business Solutions), the team behind India's largest Facebook Business Page - Tata Docomo, has unveiled the world's first CRM powered "hyper-personalized" facebook advertising model.

The objective was to create a communication solution to serve customized communication to each of our customers on Facebook based on the users transactional relationship with the brand as well as his personal interests.

These ads, unlike the traditional ones, target the customers when they login to Facebook. IBS used it for their client Tata Docomo where the customer sees a personalized ad soon as he logs into Facebook. Even the thumbnail image is personalized.

The innovation was to build an ad serving server that used the users’ transactional CRM data from Tata Docomo and his Facebook interests (where authorised by the user) to create dynamic ads specific to the individual and serve it using Facebook’s custom audiences. So each user saw an ad addressed to him by name with a specific communication. By making the ad personalized the campaign generated ten times greater CTR’s and managed to effectively catch the attention of the user.

Once the action is performed, the ad changes itself thanking the user for the action taken.

 This is Video is reproduced with permission from the YouTube channel of IBS

Cool? No. Super cool? HELL YES!

Hyper Personalization is planned to be launched as a separate company on a SaaS platform by IBS in a few months and will be open to all advertisers and agencies . Currently they are in closed beta with a few other organizations to check scalability and effectiveness and to fine tune the service.

Sabyasachi Mitter, Managing Director IBS said

“Hyper Personalization is extremely useful in creating micro targeted communication and customer life cycle management especially in the service sector. What is the key to understand is that the whole solution works on the CRM data already available with the organization so there is no privacy fears of what Facebook is sharing with advertiser. What Hyper Personalization does is to serve the communication derived from the CRM data to a micro target.”

I feel it will be a big game changer indeed.

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