What can you Learn About your TVC from Social Media?

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In an age and era where your virtual life defines how social you are and where digital conversations drive perceptions and preferences, the very basic act of uploading your TVC on YouTube can help you glean some valuable perceptions around your brand. While media, at best, will only be able to tell you viewership and give you a guesstimate on the kind of audience that may have viewed your TVC, digging deeper into social media can help you understand a lot more.

Using a mix of online ethnographic methods (or netnography) and statistical analysis, the following are some of the aspects that can be derived

a) The Outcome:
  • Understanding the sentiment about the TVC and brand on the web
  • Understanding the various perceptions about the TVC and brand on the web
  • Understanding the Strength of Sentiment about the TVC and brand on the web
b) The Causes:
  • Understanding the various factors that are influencing sentiment about TVC on the web
  • Understanding the various factors that are influencing sentiment about the brand on the web
c) The Cohorts:
  • Understanding the various types of social media users in relation with the brand

A big player in the Indian financial space recently approached us to help them understand how their TVC was being perceived on the web and what is it that could have been done better.

In our analysis of the conversations we were able to determine certain insights W.R.T the sentiment and cohorts.

For example, we observed the loss of translation of positive sentiment around their TVC to a corresponding positive sentiment around the brand. Bloggers were found to hold the key in clearly associating the TVC and the brand and hence giving the campaign a more holistic review but the brand had no active influencer strategy in place.

We were also able to determine that although employee reflected the highest positivity around the TVC, not many employees had shared the TVC. This seemed to suggest that employees were not being actively targeted as the first consumers despite their high affinity for the brand.

Measurement on the web does not need to be restricted to views on your TVC. You’ll be surprised at what it can tell you about your customer, your employee, your brand and your perception. All it takes is to figure out the questions you seek to answer.

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