Social Media Campaign Review : Asian Paints Holi On The House

Festive occasions give brands the opportunity to engage the audience through campaigns and contests on social media. Asian Paints has announced one such contest called ‘Holi On The House’. The app based on Facebook, engages users through gaming. The contest will be on until 30th March 2013. 50 prizes worth Rs 500 each are up for grabs.

Asian Paints Holi on the House


Using the association of Holi and colours, Asian Paints has announced the contest mainly to increase its fan base and boost visibility.


The contest is in the form of a game. Users must first ‘Like’ Asian Paints’ Facebook page. To play, you have to choose one colour from those given and tag at least 3 friends from your Facebook Friends’ List.

Asian Paints Holi on the HouseOnce this is done, a grid will appear and one by one, colours from the selection given earlier will blink for a few seconds in any of the empty squares in the grid. When the colour that you have chosen earlier appears, you must click on it. You may miss out, as it blinks only for a few seconds, but don’t worry, it will appear again.

Asian Paints Holi on the House

The game ends when you successfully click on the colour in the grid. A message appears on the screen saying that you have secured a spot in the party area. You can play again, but each time you play, you must tag 3 new friends.


You can play the game any number of times, but to play, you must tag a different set of friends. This way, the brand is attracting more fans each time a user plays.

Asian Paints Holi on the House Social Media contest

Another smart move has been to display the number of prizes to be won.

Scope for Improvement:

The contest is not really relevant to the theme of Holi; it merely lets you invite your friends to play the game. The ‘splashing of colours’ could have involved friends instead of merely clicking colours appearing on the grid.


It seems like the contest has been introduced only to increase the number of ‘Likes’ on Facebook.