Social Media Campaign Review: Aviva India Padding Up with Sachin

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Aviva is India's leading Insurance providers have come up with an interesting Social Media Campaign called Padding Up with Sachin.


The campaign is a branding activity for Aviva India. The main objective of the campaign is to offer a good brand experience to its customers and to engage with them.

After all people are more likely to buy services from brands with whom they have interacted before


Aviva India has come up with a series of batting video tutorials featuring the world's best batsman, Sachin Tendulkar! Sachin is caught in candid moments and different avatars giving lessons on Parenting, Cricket, coaching his master shots. Who would be a better coach for your child other than the master blaster?

Users can watch these videos on the Aviva India’s interactive Facebook app, which is integrated with their YouTube Channel. In the first series, Sachin teaches the straight drive. Users can take the Take the Aviva India poll to decide which shot he should teach next.

Aviva India

Presenting Sachin Off-Guard, the exclusive interview series with Sachin Tendulkar where he talks about the importance of Protection in cricket, about his family, the reason why he retired.


India has been a cricket crazy country for generations! Cricket is one sport that Fathers and Children like to sit and watch together. This is where the brand connect comes into picture with its perfect targeting. The campaign connects Fathers-son relationship with cricket, subtly branding their child insurance plans within.

Such content works well as it provides great value to your customers. The audience will certainly consume it!

The best part of the campaign is that this Content is created exclusively for Social Media. There is implied branding within the videos. Like for example, Sachin talks about the importance of being protected, wearing a helmet while batting. The video is then penetrated by Aviva Insurance’s light branding message.

Sachin is narrating real incidents in the video interviews. Thus, there is credibility of the source in the brand message.The videos are being rolled out one by one. This keeps the audience engaged.

There is a good integration of the Facebook app and the YouTube channel. Sachin too has mentioned about the series of videos on his Facebook page.

Sachin Tendulkar Facebook

Scope of Improvement:

The Contest shall be open from March 11th to March 22nd, 2013. In my opinion, this is a very short period. Considering the amount of time and money invested in the whole campaign, I feel it should have been extended for a few more days to generate more visibility.

There could have been an integration of Aviva’s insurance plans in the Facebook application. It would have helped the brand to translate its branding activity into leads.


I personally loved the campaign. It is a very good initiative by Aviva India to delight their customers with a subtle brand activity and not Pushy Spam-paigns. The Brand message is woven within generic content in a subtle manner.

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