Social Media Campaign Review: Lakme Colours of Love

Lakme India, the common household make up brand in India made girls relish their loved one through the “Colours of Love” contest on Facebook, a Valentines Day special.


Lakme’s new lipstick range, Enrich Satin was the center of attention. Fans get a look of the 70 available shades that further encourage sales.

social media campaign review Lakme colours of love Enrich Satin


Lakme fans had a surprise waiting for them this Valentines day. On 12th Feb 2013, I Love Lakme the official Lakme India Facebook page launched the contest and asked their fans “Whats the Colour of your Love?”.

social media campaign review Lakme whats your colour of love

The contest was run on a Facebook app. Fan uploads or selects an existing Facebook picture of their Valentine. Next step is to select the “colour of love” from the range of lipstick shades and leave your mark on their picture. You can also select the shape of the puck.

social media campaign review Lakme colours of love facebook

This inserts a puck mark at the bottom of the picture with the selected lipstick shade. That’s not all. You also have to express your love for the person by saying why it’s the colour of your love and how he makes you feel, with a slogan “The colour of my love is <selected lipstick shade> because…” in not more than 200 characters.

lakme valentines day

Winning entries get surprise hampers from Lakme India. The app also features a gallery which is like a little window of love displaying participant entries. The contest was also promoted on Twitter.

social media campaign review Lakme colours of love facebook 2


Liking the page was not a compulsion for participating in the contest. Which means the brand’s main motive was to not gain likes on their page but give access to every user to get a glimpse of the product.

The contest was run around Valentine’s day and ended on 25th Feb, but the app continues to function even today. Fans can continue to make these postcards for their love.

Contest was a good medium to illustrate the range of lipstick shades. Fans eventually get attracted to the product.

Scope of Improvement:

Pinterest could also be used to run this contest, given the format and behaviour of the social network. A fun hashtag contest #ColourOfYourLove could also be run on twitter, gaining fan engagement and conversations.


The “Picture-and-slogan” kind of contest was put to good use for promoting the product. Postcard generated from the app was adorable and connected well with Valentine’s Day.

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