Social Media Campaign Review: Maybelline New York India Superstay

Maybelline New York India, the uber popular make up brand had girls doing what they best do, gossip and have random conversations on social media platforms about “things” that don’t last long enough and winning MNY’s newly launched product SuperStay Lipsticks.


Launch of their new product SuperStay Lipstick, Building maximum interaction and engagement.


Phase one of the campaign involved Maybelline New York India asking their fans on facebook to share whats on their mind. Girls talked about everything under the sun from new shoes to best friends to guy jerks. These conversations were then diverted to the “It doesn’t last long enough” conclusion from their loyalists leading to Phase two.

social media campaign review maybelline new york india superstay facebook

This led to increase in girls complaining about holidays, college friends, sales not lasting long enough. A further twist in the conversation was involved when these conversations turned cheeky and pun intended on what doesn’t last long enough and what happens when it doesn’t last long enough.

It wasn’t long before the hashtag #Doesntlastlongenough started trending on twitter for over 14 hours, catching attention of even the users unaware of the campaign. Blogger Outreach was also used to gain more attention and conversations.

Clearly it was the newly launched SuperStay lipstick that the brand talked about. After about 7000 conversations they digitally revealed the product  after 2 days of the initiation of the campaign.

social media campaign review maybelline new york india superstay lipstick


Girls across the country, their target audience had a good topic to talk about keeping them engaged and generating attention grabbing conversations. These conversations slowly attracted the men too.

MNY India had girls waiting for the launch of a product that “lasts long enough”. The facebook page has 1,861,008 likes and about 151,926 talking about it.

The hashtag used was catchy and appropriate. This attracted more attention since the conversations had a pun twist to them.

Digital and outdoor campaigns were synchronized with a unified launch. Social media platforms were well utilized. Use of Blogger outreach was a good idea since word of mouth is what gains maximum publicity.

User generated conversation content led to high engagement rate.

Scope of Improvement:

This was a purely conversation based campaign. MNY India could have made it more interesting by using Pinterest boards, games, etc. YouTube channel could also be used to create more interest.

Although the campaign went off very well. It worked for the brand!


There was successful deployment of Twitter and Facebook conversations to build excitement for the launch of a product. Maybelline New York India also showed that Blogger outreach can still be used to promote on social media.

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