Social Media Campaign Review: Pepsi Shot 60

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Social Media Campaign Review: Pepsi Shot 60

Commencing their Oh Yes Abhi campaign earlier this year, Pepsi India seem to have planned an interesting year ahead with creative campaigns in their kitty. Pepsi Shot 60 is a new project for passionate film makers to make a 60 second movie within 24hrs.


Giving  amateurs a platform to showcase their talent in film making, advertising their product through a campaign, fan engagement and participation.


Pepsi Shot 60 was a 24 hr contest that initiated on 8th March 2013 (6PM) and closed on 9th March 2013 (6PM). Announcement and registrations for the contest started on 6th March informing the audience what's in store for them for the next 2 days. The foremost step was registration for the contest.

This was the tricky part, contestants had to make a 60 sec movie on a theme that would be assigned to them on 8th March, the very day they start shooting for their film. Which means they had only 24 hrs to conceptualize, shoot, edit and submit the movie. The theme revealed was the lyrics from the soundtrack of the commercial. Contestants could pick any line and make a film on it.

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Only one original entry per person was allowed. In order for an entry to be qualified for the Contest two conditions were mandatory, a Pepsi PET bottle or Pepsi 250 ml My Can as a prop and the Pepsi ‘Oh Yes Abhi’ logo at the bottom right hand side of the screen throughout the 60 seconds of the film.


This contest was promoted in full swing on Twitter, Facebook and their website. Pepsi also provided support to the contestants by giving them tips and videos on film making, even at the wee hours of the night.


The entries were judged on Originality, Film concept fit with the brand, Creativity of the idea and public voting. Based on these criteria, top three winners get selected for prizes of Rupees 1L, 60k and 40k respectively. The first winner also gets a one month internship at a reputed production house.

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On 20th March 2013, the top three winners were announced along with their shot films. Samik and Gang bagging the first prize closely followed by Aston D'Souza and Band and Vaibhav Chavan at the second and third position respectively.

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This was not a just another film making contest, the different attributes such as 60 second time limit, 24 hour to make the film and disclosure of theme at the last minute made this contest fun and intriguing. Pepsi promoted their campaign for a mere 2 days and received over 200 entries.

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The hashtag #PepsiShot60 trended on twitter throughout the promotion of the contest. The brand well utilized this campaign to create fan loyalty to their product. Use of the product and brand name was a necessity to participate. This ensured brand visibility.

The campaign leveraged the art of narrative story telling allowing users to freely express themselves. User generated content flared up creativity by common people

Scope of Improvement:

The campaign could have been promoted a little earlier from it's commencement to create more buzz and gain more participation. Other than that I cannot think of a more better way of doing this campaign.


What a brilliant concept! The campaign is giving amateurs a platform without being too selfish in promoting their own brand but rather making it appealing. The entries received look promising and talented. A well delivered campaign of the many more to come.

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