Social Media Campaign Review: Vogue Eyewear

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Social Media Campaign Review: Vogue Eyewear

Vogue Eyewear is launching their new brand ambassador. What better way to do it than using Social media, where most of their audience dwells upon. But hush, they haven't revealed her yet. They are building the world's largest user generated Mosaic to reveal her. Also a contest giving away iPhone 5 beginning 18th Feb 2013 to 31st Mar 2013.


Launch of the new Brand Ambassador using a digital campaign, increasing fan base, a bunch of fun contests to give away prizes and attract visibilty.


Off late, twitter has been witnessing "Vogue" in most trending topics. That is because Vogue Eyewear has been using Twitter to promote their digital campaign running on their website, see here. The website hosts a Mosaic of tiles that complete the image of the new brand ambassador.

These tiles are user generated, each time a person participates, a tile is created with the profile of the participant. There are 20,000 such tiles. In order to be a tile, you must play the "Guess Who" game.

Vogue Eyewear Official Website

You can participate with a Facebook or Twitter account. If you select Facebook they ask you to like their page to go to the next step. You have to submit your answer to the question "Guess who' the new face of Vogue Eyewear?" The answer automatically gets posted on your Facebook/Twitter profile.

You can also "Claim your instant Prize" by finding the special star image hidden in the mosaic to win Vogue Eyewear. There are only 100 to be found. You can also view your own entry using "Where am I" tab. Moving the pointer across the mosaic allows you to see user entries.

Meanwhile, to spread the news weekly twitter contests are run. First one being users tweeting their favorite songs with #10SongsInVogue. The iphone 5 winner was announced on completion of 5000 tiles for the first week.

Second week contest was #IStayInVogueWith :

This contest has 2 more weeks to go and about 9800 tiles away from revealing the brand ambassador.


The contest has had 10000+ already with about 1300+ comments and a huge response through tweets. The hashtags have been trending almost everyday, increasing the participation and stir created by the brand.

Liking the Facebook page was a necessity in order to grow their fan base. They currently have about 1.5L likes. The number of tweets with the hashtags #10SongsInVogue and #IStayInVogueWith have been tremendous.

There is good integration of the digital and social media campaigns to divert traffic across all platforms by interconnecting them. The connections were simple and do not confuse the user. He ends up crossing through all platforms Vogue Eyewear is present on.

Scope of Improvement:

Despite the number of likes, only about 3.5k people are talking about the brand. Facebook wasn't utilized much in this activity other than promotion of the contest. Facebook app could have been made use of to gain more attention from existing fans.

A minor error in the hashtag was observed in the tweets of a celebrity promoting the campaign. Hashtag contests are run in order to gather all tweets related to it under one click. Wrong usage of the hashtag can confuse and mislead the audience.



A very unique and well run campaign by Vogue Eyewear. The variety of prizes to be won keeps the audience enthralled and excite to participate. This campaign has been running successfully so far and has gained brilliant response. Kudos to the largest fan generated mosaic!

Vogue eyewear largest fan generated mosaic Guess who #IStayInVogueWith #10songsinVogue Indian Social Media Campaigns