Social Media Case Study: Hyundai India’s Custom YouTube channel


Agency Name:

Everymedia Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Brand Name:

Hyundai India


The objective of this innovative campaign was to make the experience of virtually viewing a car easier.


On clicking the ‘Enter Showroom’ tab on the official Hyundai India YouTube channel, the focus is shifted to a pictorial representation of the entire range of Hyundai cars. The user can then pick one of these to view in the interactive showroom.

On hovering the mouse over the Hyundai models featured, information on all the models available in the country shows up.

The user is then required to select a Hyundai model which directs him/her to a 360 degree view of the same. Here, the user can select the view from the front, back and side angles of the car and is also provided with patches of all the colors available for the selected model.

This interactive provision is coupled with a series of videos pertaining to the selected car model. The main highlight in this section is the official television commercial of the car selected. This helps in giving the user additional information on the product and is a chance to view the car in action!

And that’s not all! After a complete showcase of the Hyundai model, the user is given the option to ‘Book A Test Drive’ directly from the YouTube channel. On clicking the tab, the user is taken to Hyundai India’s official web site where simple personnel information can provide an incredible test drive in the Hyundai of your choice.


Hyundai India’s customized YouTube channel received a tremendous response from the fans. Visitors to the channel have appreciated this innovation from Hyundai, terming it a great idea to feature a showroom and other details of cars on the YouTube channel itself. Similar to a website where all the required information is displayed, the channel is user- friendly and an enjoyable experience.