The Many Ways Social Media Helps The Voiceless Masses

social media

Social Media is the buzz word in the sphere of communication, more specifically in the arena of the World Wide Web. No individual is left untouched by the over powering influence of Social Networking. Today the phrase ‘will you give your phone number’ has been replaced by ‘Are you on Facebook’.

The upsurge of social media monsters has been an outcome of the increased need for platforms for communication. Furthermore, social media has emerged as a boon for many introvert people who hesitate to communicate in public and face to face.

These kind of people prefer to use social media sites for voicing their ideas and opinions freely, therefore it can safely be said that social media is befitting tool of communication for the voiceless masses.

The very many ways in which social media lends a tone of voice to the voiceless is immeasurable-

• Owing to the development of social media the common man is in a good position to keep themselves updated about the latest developments taking place in any sphere be it politics, business, sports, fashions, world affairs and more.

• Improved public consciousness is achieved with the aid of social media. It is much more effortless to share edifying content and generate public opinion on more or less any issue of concern. People nowadays have a voice. Social media has given its users the right to be heard and the platform for making themselves heard.

• Social media merges technology together with social communication to generate or co-create importance. Developing a virtual change in how people ascertain, read, and exchange all kinds of news, content and information. This synthesis of sociology and technical innovation has actually altered the entire monologue of World Wide Web communication into the real-time discourse of a correlated community.

• Social media communities like Facebook, Bebo, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr, Orkut, Hulu, MySpace and YouTube offer diverse options for people to express their ideas and opinions. Written text, photographs, video and even music, have become a new language for creating awareness, public opinion about vital matters.

• Any topic like global warming, disaster management, fight against female foeticide, corruption, terrorism, presidential elections, poverty, mal-nourishment and the list can go on. Any individual sitting in any corner of the globe is free to discuss, debate and gather popular support to prompt action.

• Social media is spreading its arms at a rapid speed and is no longer a platform for informal social interaction. But it is the hub for letting amateur filmmakers, musicians, photographers and citizen journalist to actually kick-start their careers. If you are a photographer then flicker is the place to exhibit your creativity. You tube is the best domain for showing documentaries, short films, ad-films, etc. you never know who is watching and you get a break. Blogs and forums are the ideal place for budding writers to initiate the writing career and slowly create a space for themselves in the public mind.

• For those who are unsure of the right means to search for a job or are far too introvert to approach people for jobs despite having the right qualification can use professional socializing site LinkedIn.

It is needless to say that social media is ignited to its maximum capacity, brining people from all walks of life under one umbrella like never before, and creating a current that has massive impact on the society at large.