7 Brilliant Excuses for Twitter Goof-ups

Mubashir Usmani
Apr 09, 2013 04:30 IST

So we all have been aware of the multiple brand mistakes and Twitter Goof-ups that have happened in past on their twitter accounts and if that wasn't enough, brands have come up with ridiculous excuses to escape.

But with the increasing amount of stress on executives, we wouldn't be surprised if this is a continued trend. And therefore, we present to you 7 of the most brilliant excuses to use when you make a mistake on Twitter.

1. “I didn’t do it. Raju?”


Putting your index finger to good use is the trick.

2. Twitter has gone crazy!

Twitter has gone crazy

So the moment you find yourself in a spot where you have wronged a brand on twitter, blame it on twitter itself. Yes, that’s right. Make sure before you do it you have kept a check for 2 very important things.

- The Client is an idiot.

- The above Point.

3. I thought it was supposed to be that way!

I didn't know

Well not exactly a way out, but a way nonetheless. You may sound stupid at the end of it, but taking the stand that you did it on someone else’s order might save you the job.

4. I wasn’t even around when it happened

Pata Lagao - Twitter

If you have been a die-hard fan of ACP Pradyuman, this excuse should be the first one to strike your genius mind. Create a mystery around what really has happened might be a sochi-samjhi saazish. Take it up to your boss, before THEY spot the mistake.

5. Delete it 

Bitch Please

And if you have any shame left, delete yourself too later.

6. Influencers have no other job


Well, technically most of the time, it will be an influencer who will spot your mistake and for unmasked glory, put it up for a donation of RT’s. The only solution left for you is to turn the table on its head and prove it that how the so called “pseudo influencers” have been doing this for a laugh so don’t go blaming me for it.

7. Hacked


Yes, it is the most popular reason and that’s exactly the reason why it features in this list. Remember every time you do this, a kitten gets crushed behind a door.

Note: I do not encourage such excuses, but you have to admit it’s all for good fun. In case you don’t find it that way, I would say this has been hacked.

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