7 Takeaways in Content Strategy for Indian Brands

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7 Takeaways in Content Strategy for Indian Brands

A few weeks ago, I happened to meet a few brand managers and out of the many things, we discussed an important question came up - Why they didn't have a structure to their social media posts, the brand representative didn't know immediately. After a polite “hang on”, he replied with the somewhat vague “never given it a thought”.

I was unpleasantly surprised to realize that these Indian brands don't have a content strategy for their social media accounts.

With a smile on my face, I thought of writing this blog post which are actually notes from my 3 year social media career. I think there are some great ideas to steal from my Content Strategy Guidebook for Indian Brands.

1) Hug your Holidays:

Create special content around the Indian and World holidays. Write a list of all the holidays that suits your business. Think outside Diwali and Christmas. There are actually days such as “Save Water Day” as well as “World Book Day” that may be a better fit for promoting your company’s services.

2) Build hashtags (#) or play on existing ones:

Create or source Twitter for hashtags that match what you sell.

3) Stay firm on your core values:

What are your business’ core values? Position your brand carefully by defining some areas related to what you stand for. Be coherent when tweeting or updating and don’t lose too much sight of the field you’re operating within.

4) Cross-promote because you can:

Create a presentation from a blog post, pin the images in the post and presentation to your Pinterest board, ask a related question on Google+ or ask for feedback on your Facebook fan page. And when you tweet, build a tangled web of links to all these platforms. In this way you’ll be all and everywhere.

5) Be good. Do social good:

Support a cause, it may not necessary be your own creation. Choose something or someone who’s doing good and help them spread the message.

6) Sell but not too much:

For every thing you share about your products or special offers, you should share 10 other types of content. People don’t want to engage with a sales pitch machine, they want a friend that they can trust. Don’t underestimate the power of small talk. It’s not meaningless, it’s what friends do.

7) Make your fans/followers the stars:

Retweet and share your followers' content. Be generous and they’ll be generous to you.

Hope you'll will steal all these 7 ideas from my Content Strategy Guidebook for Indian Brands and tell me if it worked for you.

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