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Social Media Agency Feature: Ignitee Digital Services
Who are we?

Ignitee Digital Services Pvt. Ltd., is one of the biggest digital marketing agencies in the country today. Ignitee is a 360 Degree Internet marketing agency that provides comprehensive online advertising service. Ignitee is a one-stop-shop for all digital & creative requirements. From search engine optimization to online reputation management to developing creative campaigns, Ignitee has an array of clients across sectors – Lifestyle, Entertainment, Corporate, BFSI, Travel & Tourism etc.

Team Ignitee

What's in the name?

One of the pioneers in this industry, we started off in 2000 as Media Turf. As the industry grew, we have always been ahead of times, in offering best and world class services to all our clients.  We decided to go for re-branding in the year 2008. It's not just about a name change. We have completely revamped ourselves and hired senior resources. Elaborating on why the name, Ignitee, was chosen, we believe that the digital business is very vibrant. There is a lot of innovation and passion in everything. Also, we believe we are in the business of igniting brands. The extra 'e', which is silent, apparently signifies e-business and also refers to the Ignitees, which is what the employees of the agency now call themselves. While earlier, Connecturf was mostly an online media buying agency, Ignitee will now incorporate search, web development, social marketing optimisation (SMO) and creative functions as well.

What we do?

Ignitee’s 360-degree approach applies to our creative work as well. We at Ignitee bring our creative energies to websites, digital media and social media campaigns to give our clients interactive, engaging and dynamic online solutions.

And we have been recognized for our work: two Abby Awards and a win at the Indian Digital Media Awards, 2012. We have also been ranked in the top 5 of India’s best digital agencies by The Economic Times. Ignitee works closely with the Internet And Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) to set and enhance creative standards in the Indian internet industry. With a deep understanding of brands in different domain and having expertise in maximizing customer expansion, Ignitee offers variety of digital services to its clients:

1. Creative

Ignitee applies a 360-degree approach to the creative work they deliver. Ignitee delivers an integrated solution, offering services in the areas of websites, digital media and social media campaigns to give clients interactive, engaging and dynamic online solutions.

2. Media

The planning cell at Ignitee is a warehouse of information. Since its inception, we have constantly added science to the business of Internet marketing. Some of our proprietary works include Site Indices, Buying Indices, Size Indices, Time-band Indices, M-Scores. Ignitee’s media buying team buys media on over 300+ Indian and international websites. Ignitee has served over 7 billion ad impressions for various publishers. Ignitee is also the default ad-server on some of India's leading portals.

3. Tech 

Ignitee excels in enabling PMS (Prospect Management System), which is an end to end Internet Marketing tool. It integrates media campaign data with efficient customer acquisition and better Customer Retention. The company also provides Consumer Analytics and Business Solutions (CABS) for clients to measure their ROI. CABS uses enhanced data drilling techniques that analyzes demographic profiles, historical and interaction data, personal interest data and marketing campaign management.

 4. SEM

Ignitee realizes the potential of Search and provides a gamut of solutions that encompasses paid search engine listing as well as free search engine listings by search engine optimization (SEO). This is a critical part of the business, where-by the company helps marketers, with smaller marketing dollars to maximize their Return On Investment (ROI).

 5. SMO

Ignitee lends its hands into social media marketing. Identifying the core problem, drafting a proper solution and executing an all-round integrated social media campaign is what the company believes in.

Why we do it?

Well, because digital is the present and the future. Moreover, we were on of the first agencies to step in to this space and have enjoyed and are still enjoying every moment. However, we have grown from strength to strength, adding new value added services, expanded our horizons and now offer complete end to end services.

How we evolve?

Simple: We learn every day. In an ever-changing medium, it’s important for us to be a step ahead of the curve.

How do we do that?

We’re in constant touch with our partners and innovators in the digital ecosphere to promote shared learning. And this challenge helps us evolve every day.

Social responsibility in social media

Social media is all about freedom of expression. And while we don’t want to change that, we’ve put a system of checks and balances in place to ensure that this freedom is never abused, either by our audiences or us.

Need of the hour

‘Digital’ has been the buzzword off late and everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon. But, at this stage it’s important that we help marketers understand that simply presence on the medium isn’t enough. For it to really be effective, it needs the same kind of attention that other mediums command.

We learned the hard way

We’re learning every day. And we don’t find it hard.

They work with us

Some of Ignitee’s clients include Maruti Suzuki, ICICI Lombard, Viacom 18, Warner Brothers, Whirlpool, Fuji Film, Anchor Panasonic, American Swan amongst others.

Industry as we foresee

Though digital marketing has been around for 4-5 years, the real action kicked off only last year. Today, agencies need to educate brands about the need to go digital and this takes a lot of effort. Bigger brands have started taking their online reputation seriously. In the next 3-5 years, the digital market in India is expected to grow much faster. Even though penetration in India is a challenge, access is the key to adoption. As consumption is shifting, there will be a dramatic increase in adoption.

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