Social Media Agency Feature: The Ant Hill

The Ant Hill

Who are we?

The Ant Hill is a one-year-young start-up providing digital solutions to companies and helping them build great brands by creating engaging experiences for their customers wherever they live in the digital world.

What’s in the name?

From the inception stage itself, we wanted to be known as a small start-up which caters to younger upcoming brands. The Ant Hill signifies a place where all of us work together in sync to achieve a common goal for our clients. Our tagline ‘Small Size. Big Ideas.’, also acts as our motto of providing creative solutions on par with the bigger agencies while maintaining the personal touch of a smaller agency.

What we do?
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Design and Development including E-Commerce and Social Networking portals
  • Web Applications Development
  • SEO
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Search Engine Marketing
Why we do it?

We saw all the agencies vying to associate with big brands. Younger brands which need Social Media the most were being ignored. We felt the need to focus on this segment since there is tremendous challenge and potential that cannot be ignored.

How we evolve?

We continuously take feedback from our existing clients, follow other brands and thanks to Social Samosa, keep ourselves updated on the latest happenings in the industry.

Social responsibility in social media

An agency needs to take the ownership of the client’s brand and act responsibly since the information that goes out on Social Media can act for or against the brand.

Need of the hour

A lot of agencies pitch to clients based on number of likes and figures that do not necessarily matter. We think the industry needs to collectively focus on qualitative instead of quantitative aspects. Furthermore, clients and agencies need to realize that Social Media is not just a one way communication medium. Social Media is so much more than merely posting content.

We learned the hard way

It’s not easy to convince smaller brands to get on board the Social Media bandwagon. Even though they are aware of the benefits, they are still hesitant since they feel that the results are not measurable.

Did we just share that?

There have been some really funny incidents with our clients. I think we will have to write an entirely separate article for that.

They work with us

Peppermint Events & Entertainment

TouchWood Properties

TouchWood Car Accessories

UMS Consultants

Naturecure Institute

Pahel Livelihoods

Filmfail Awards

Industry as we foresee

We feel that in a few years there would be an information overload on the existing platforms since everyone would want their brand to be present on Social Media and communicate with the potential customers all the time. May be it would give rise to newer platforms and innovative ideas and help bridge the gap between different mediums.

A day without Internet

It would be hard to imagine a day without internet while operating in an environment where constant monitoring is the key.

Lastly, are you hiring?

We are currently on the lookout for Graphic Designers and Social Media Executives.