Social Media Campaign Review: Idea Rocks India Facebook Auditions

Idea is always in the news for its marketing and advertisements. Be it “Honey Bunny”, or “What an Idea, Sirji!” Now they are back with Idea Rocks India, a nationwide talent hunt competition to find a winner with the best voice. The Idea Rocks India is already a popular property because it has been going on for 5 years and was televised.

Idea has always targeted the masses, with their simple and direct ads strategies. This campaign resonates with it. And especially because of the online auditions, customers from the Tier II and Tier III cities are not alienated.


They are mainly doing this as a brand promotion. All the marketing is mostly based online, rather than offline. By tying up with popular musicians in Bollywood, they are increasing their reach.


The whole page has been themed around this contest. Cover photos and daily content are all based on Idea Rocks India. The auditions of the contest are online.

The page is themed around the campaign

First you have to log on to the audition room by liking the page. Then you can enter it by filling out a form with your personal details. There you can record your song through a microphone. If you are not happy with your recording you can even re-record it. But there are only a total of three tries given before you can submit the clip. The song can only be in Indian languages. You can also invite other people to like the page.


The most unique thing about the contest is its digital auditions. Facebook is being used as a platform as opposed to the usual style of having live auditions. This gives more people a chance to participate in the contest.
They have even increased traffic by putting up the photos of the event on the page. Such post event coverage ensures more people audition in the upcoming cities.

Scope of Improvement:

The prize of the contest is to appear on stage with Shankar, Ehsaan, Loy or Mika in a performance. It would have been a better incentive if there was a cash prize or some sort of accolade. Another good incentive would have been to make the song into a caller tune. This would have given more exposure to the winner.

Also sometimes the same type of content is used to promote the contest. It might feel a little repetitive.

The content can get a little repetitive


Definitely a very interesting campaign from Idea, it will appeal to many. They have done a very good job with the design of the app and its execution. Idea’s Facebook page is doing well, with already around 4.2 million followers. Now the fans have this to look forward to.