Social Media Case Study: Gehna, Proud to be a Woman

A lot of brands use the occasion of Women’s Day to their advantage by hosting contests and having offers for women. Gehna wanted to do¬†something¬†different…


So, an app was created on Facebook, wherein ladies had to give heartfelt answers to some women-centric questions. The app had a great response.

  • People’s perception about the brand changed and they were now able to relate to it on a more personal note.
  • Increased brand awareness led to a rise in the number of people talking about the brand. The total number of entries received was 170.

Most importantly, women felt special!


The hashtag #ProudtobeaWoman was created and participants had to talk about why they were proud to be born as women.

  • Number of Accounts Reached: 339,024
  • Number of Impressions Created: 437,777
  • Number of Tweets Generated: 238
  • Total Number of Tweets Received: 1,345
  • Total Increase in Followers: 50


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