Social Media Case Study: Gehna, Proud to be a Woman

A lot of brands use the occasion of Women’s Day to their advantage by hosting contests and having offers for women. Gehna wanted to do something different…


So, an app was created on Facebook, wherein ladies had to give heartfelt answers to some women-centric questions. The app had a great response.

  • People’s perception about the brand changed and they were now able to relate to it on a more personal note.
  • Increased brand awareness led to a rise in the number of people talking about the brand. The total number of entries received was 170.

Most importantly, women felt special!


The hashtag #ProudtobeaWoman was created and participants had to talk about why they were proud to be born as women.

  • Number of Accounts Reached: 339,024
  • Number of Impressions Created: 437,777
  • Number of Tweets Generated: 238
  • Total Number of Tweets Received: 1,345
  • Total Increase in Followers: 50