Social Media Case Study: Wooplr Shopaholic Spotted

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The Soul Sante flea market of Bangalore gave Wooplr, the perfect setting to get their primary target audience – internet-savvy women in the age group of 16 to 40 years. The idea was to give them an experience they would remember and associate with Wooplr giving them a reason to go back and sign-up.


“The Sunday Soul Sante” is Bangalore’s biggest flea market which receives more than 15,000 footfalls. Wooplr decided to do something special for all the shoppers.In the age of Instagram, they thought of doing something that creates a real smile on somebody’s face and this is way much cooler than just adding a filter.That’s exactly what the Wooplr team did at the Sunday Soul Sante. They gave the shoppers a real-world Instagram experience!


The No Strings Attached stall turned in to a mini photo-booth of sorts to spot shopaholics at the Sante (check out the #ShopaholicSpotted trend). As the lovely shoppers tried out exquisite jewellery pieces and accessories, they posed and and were snapped with our Polaroid camera. The expression on their face said it all. To see the magic of photo-film develop right in front of their eyes was just incredible. Well, now that they had their attention, they told them what Wooplr is about and gave them invites right away. And they started off by recommending the accessories they had just bought!



They got more than a 100 young women on board. Shopaholic Spotted was the name of the event and #ShopaholicSpotted was the hashtag used to promote it. Hits to the site increased by 500% in the 3 days post the event.

Key Lessons:

The brand made shopping in flea markets even more fun by sharing on social media such as on Instagram, and used this as a way to introduce Wooplr to these shoppers.

About Wooplr

The joy of shopping is something women especially can identify with as they love to show off their shopping finds. Wooplr brings back the joy and sociability in shopping by giving shoppers an online platform to share their happiness.