Social Media Tool Feature: Selasdia


About the tool!

The tool is called “Selasdia”. It is a sales aid which can:

  1.  Listen to your customers
  2.  Collect leads
  3.  Market your products
  4.  Promote your brand

It does this through social media. Here is an introduction to the tool:

Who founded the product/company?

The product was developed by Aiaioo Labs. Aiaioo Labs is a research lab that undertakes research on natural language processing and text analytics.

Some examples of their research work include programming tools in Indian languages and of course a method of analysis of social media called intention analysis.

Aiaioo Labs is a vendor of APIs for sentiment and intention analysis.

What platforms does it cover?

Out of the 300 million or so tweets that get posted each day, about 7% contain explicit mentions of a need or desire (you can call it purchase intention).

In Selasdia, we use AI to track and collect these expressions of interest. We also track inquiries about topics of interest to us. Finally, we use social media to identify the location of a user and their job profile and identify potential customers from this information.

Features of the tool?

Selasdia can track conversations on social media. And all you need to do is give it a few keywords to track.

selasdia social media tool

When you start the tracker, it will begin to search social media for these phrases. The tracker acts as Selasdia’s eyes and ears. But Selasdia also has a brain. It can go through the profiles of people on social media and mark them as leads, experts, media, etc.

Here is a screenshot of a report that Selasdia produced.

selasdia social media tool

selasdia 2

Selasdia can even tell you how it analysed a profile to identify a lead. Now that you have identified a prospect, you can get in touch with the prospect using Selasdia. You can write a reply manually, or you can run a social media marketing campaign using Selasdia.

selasdia 3

Once your campaign is running, Selasdia finds people who might respond positively to the campaign and tailors your messaging to them. But it doesn’t send the messages. Selasdia stores them up for approval and you’ll get an alert on the homepage.

selasdia social media tool

You can now go to the suggestions page and send out just the ones that you wish to send. Just approve or reject the suggestions.


The tool can also be used as a regular marketing-focused CRM system. It can be used to maintain records of customer details and keep track of marketing communications.

selasdia social media tool


The tool can also be used to monitor social media and gather insights on your brand based on an analysis of intentions detected on social media.

selasdia social media tool

It can also be used to do a competitive analysis.

It can also be used to do a competitive analysis.

Pricing & Packages

The tool will be available through (and operated by) partner social media marketing firms.


Selasdia is presently limited to working on Twitter and Email. We plan to support more social media channels in future.

The Team

The team that developed Selasdia is a group of NLP researchers based in Bangalore at Aiaioo Labs.