We, The Social Media Animals

Hi Guys!

Hope you are all doing well in your personal or online lives. The reason I mentioned “online” is that these days online presence has become such an important aspect of our lives that even bank accounts are opened many years after opening online accounts on social networking websites. Those days are not far away when you’ll have to validate yourself using a social network account in order to secure an admission in a college or get a job in a company. Anyone not having online presence would look like someone from another planet!

They say humans are social animals, but looking at the rapid escalation of users at networking sites, it would not be wrong to identify us with the new pseudonym “social networking animals”. A number of social networking platforms with whacky names (remember…..”whacky is appealing”) have come up for the internet users to use and improve their social networking. Unlike earlier times when in order to know the credibility of someone, people used to inquire about the test score of others, they now inquire about their “Klout Score“. The social status of an individual is based on his social media status. Some of the famous social media platforms and their personalities(my suggestions) are:

Orkut: The Dead Man

Facebook: The Advertiser

Twitter: The Short Man/The Man who likes Brevity

Google+: The New Boy in the Town

Instagram: The Photographer

Pinterest: The Visual Artist

Four Square: The Detective

I still remember those old times when I was first introduced to Orkut. It was an amazing way of expressing oneself, showing off your possessions, telling other about your moods,displaying your photos and what not. I never knew at that point of time that Social Media was just a toddler growing fast…really fast! Though Orkut has now become like a retired hurt batsman, there are 10 new batsmen standing ready to substitute it (as I always say, India is a cricket crazy nation…..you need to relate everything to cricket for a majority to approve your point).

So I sat quietly and thought for a while, what are the supplements behind this enormous muscle growth of this toddler. Lets take a look:

1. Youngistan

The estimated population of India under 35 years of age is 66%. This set is computer literate, outgoing, ambitious, socially hyperactive. Presently there are 5+ crore such Indian members on Facebook and the numbers are growing everyday.

2. Coveted Internet

Internet availability even in the remotest of areas has improved significantly over the past few years. Broadband has high penetration levels across cities now. This has made internet access to Tom, Dick & Harry pretty easy. They can now be online for as long as they want unlike old times when they had to keep a track of minute hand of the clock hung in the cyber cafe.

3. Radiation Devices

Yeah you’re right, I meant mobiles. With the smartphones finding their place in every pocket these days, getting in touch with your social media circle is just a tap away. There are 3G connections readily available on these superman smartphones. That’s a complete recipe to social media.

4. Information Hunger

It can be any sort of information like, news, humour, movies, sports – things that appeal to the youth. Due to ease of access and functionality of these social media networks, you can share any sort and amount of information you intend to share. People now depend more on the advice posted about a restaurant on social media by their peers than what the restaurant website claims. The best info is first hand self-experienced info.

5. Escalating Statuses

It’s in fashion to possess multiple social network accounts. One gives you freedom to share anything, the other gives you freedom to share your thoughts, another gives you the freedom of sharing what you click. If people around you get to know that you are someone with social networking absenteeism, a number of eyebrows will surely be raised.

6. Commercial Twist

Taking into consideration the number of people using such social networks the commercial lions(read companies, organizations, retailers) have waken up to devour on the consumer lamb (read: the spenders). The numbers of companies making use of social media is increasing every day. They do realize the power of interacting directly with the consumers and converting them into influencers for others. Foursquare is one such application which provides its users with offers and discounts as and when they check-in to their favorite restaurants and eateries.

I think that’s enough social media gyan to turn you into a social media animal, or if you are already one, to turn you into a fiercer one.

It’ll be nice if you can share other such factors in the comments, which I may have missed out on.

Featured Image Courtesy: FreeDigitalPhotos.net