5 Better Ways to Network on Twitter and LinkedIn

Twitter and linkedin

Social media websites are mainly created to connect and interact with like-minded people. But due to their sudden popularity and emergence of so many new trends a bigger challenge is to effectively make sure that you are being able to do what it is intended to assist you in the first place – communicate.

With a lot of information, pictures, people and an assortment of all things viral a couple of pointers will ensure that you are not getting lost in the labyrinth of social media and are communicating your ideas and thoughts to the person intended to successfully.

The first step to get on with effective communication is to comment. When you come across a certain piece of article on the internet make sure that you leave a comment so that the writer can get back to you with a response. Also most articles have a Facebook page or the writer’s personal twitter handle attached to them. You can send across a tweet discussing the piece of work that you chanced upon and create a meaningful conversation.

The second step is to critique on topics yourself. If you have a certain issue or a topic that you wish to discuss, write an article and post it on the internet. This way you will have like-minded people interacting with you regarding your piece. You can also leave the comments section open and leave your twitter handle for free discussion and inculcate participation from more people.

The third trick is to make sure that you enter the correct keyword of the particular topic you are interested in. For instance if you are looking for information on bikes you can type various keywords like “ the best bikes “ or “ the latest bikes” and get different results each time you search. This way you have a greater chance of running across information that you want. Do not forget to comment and tweet about articles and information that you agree or disagree to. This is the most basic way to get a conversation going.

Another method would be to join groups on LinkedIn that you can relate the most to. Most groups on LinkedIn are open and therefore you can look around the conversation to see whether you can relate to the topic of discussion or are interested in contributing to something of your own to it.

LinkedIn also gives you the option to access the data of people who have visited your profile. You can scan through this list as chances are that people who looked through your profile are into the same things that you are. Therefore by sending across a message if your similarities are appealing and greater in number can help start a conversation.

The key points that you should keep in mind while using Twitter and LinkedIn is to comment and reply at the same time. There are people out there who are applying the same tips that you are and would appreciate to get a feedback from you on your latest article or tweet as well.