Social Media Platforms and Review Websites

Social Media Strategy

2013 is the year of social media. Facebook is rolling out Graph Search, Twitter is setting up two-step verification and Google Plus is getting a  brand new cover photo, our life is defined by the social media platforms. They facilitate interaction among people who may connected by even a singular interest. There are businesses that harness this potential and innate strength to create a positive outcome or increase popularity among their target audience. With this tool, the companies can establish themselves as a brand. The astronomical growth in the popularity of these platforms and the interactivity enables viewers to make informed decisions.

Open Review Forum, An Opportunity for Customers

Small businesses are adapting to these social media platforms to further promote their businesses. Enterprises are using these platforms to promote their brands and communicate with customers. With such vast array of businesses available online, the platform plays an important role in providing an opportunity to customers to share their views. Its acts as an open review forum, where members can communicate, share and put forth their opinions without any hindrance.

The reviews given by various users provide insights on the product. There are users who depend on ratings on social media and evaluate that information before taking any decision. The social media has a direct impact on the review websites. There are people who purchase products or brands after reading ample information from the Internet. Information available on these platforms are authentic for it’s written by users themselves.

Perceiving the Brand

Social media platforms are often dangerous as they can potentially make or break a brand. An established brand is not only popular among the masses, but its popularity also improves the bottom line of the company. Social media has drastically affected the way a business operates and the way prospect clients view the website. These customers also perceive the brand accordingly. Establishing as a brand is essential to accomplish identification.

Review websites and Social Media

There are review websites that further helps in accomplishing the desired results. They act as a functional, interactive and communicative platform. Social media affects the way people think or make decisions. This directly affects the demand of the product. The review websites would further ascertain the truth about the product.

Since the platform is free, people can post their opinions about any particular brand. These social media platforms often ascertain feedback. The review posted on the website, often reflects the same thought found in the social media websites. Sometimes, the users find an appropriate platform like Yelp, Zomato, or Troopix Solutions, post their opinions that are directly added to the business pages created in these social sites. Since, these are not bound by any geographical locations, they reach millions faster. The biggest advantage of social media is virility and review websites are able to throw an insight to a larger target audience.

Popular websites like Zomato, Mouthshut or Troopix

There are thousands of review websites. However, each of them caters to a particular niche. While Zomato strictly adheres to restaurants, Mouthshut reviews business brands. Troopix Solutions offers genuine feedback on different products, brands and movies. These websites have a presence on the social media. These websites not only provide product details, Twitter feeds and other events that might interest users. And since we spend so much time on social media, we eventually end up reading what others have to say directly from these websites.


These advantages make social media platforms a viable option for spreading awareness or insights on the product. Each website caters to a particular audience. However, there are many who prefer review websites rather that posting on social media.


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