An Open Letter to Buyers & Sellers of Likes/Followers

Hi there!

Yes, I am talking to YOU. Why are you still buying and selling ‘people’ on social media? Why tarnish the industry with junk and spoil the ‘image’ of everyone else in the industry?

In a not-so-distant past, the Indian Social Media industry went through an abominable phase where ‘buying’ likes was the norm. Almost every brand was out in the market with its wallet open and brains shut off; and nobody can blame them for indulging in such a practice because they were just finding their feet.

The phase that I mentioned was waaaay back in 2010. This is 2013. Much has happened since then. Osama died, we won a world cup and we survived Doomsday.

Brands have realized that buying likes is not helping them. They found out that this is not how social media functioned. So they started to build their community with the help of advertising, contests and engaging content. Thank heavens!

But you are still around! Why? Want to make a fool out of SMBs and Startups now that the big brands have wizened up?

Even you know the quality of the service you provide. Few days ago, I came across one of your brethren (after a very long time) who was guaranteeing 500k likes in just one day. And here I was thinking that your lot has grown up and an endangered (if not extinct) species.

After a little prodding by our teammate, we came to know about the prevalent rates. Following is a screenshot from an email exchange with him:

Fake Likes and Followers

So I believe you will guarantee me 1000% genuine 500k likes for just Rs 1.5 lakhs! Wow!

How about getting some engagement out of them? or sales? Any guarantee on the same? No? Ok.

I am writing this letter to tell you, in plain simple words, GET LOST!

You are polluting this industry with your junk and fooling businessmen and this, in turn, screws up the outlook of the entire industry. As such we are trying our level best to teach the old-school folks the benefits of new media. And above that we have to deal with folks like you who screw these same old-folks. We are seen through the same lens and it’s disgusting.

If you think this rant of mine is entirely baseless, then please feel free to comment below trashing my views. I would love to have a glimpse at your thought process.


Rakesh Kumar