Angel investor Srinath Picks up Stake in GenY Medium [Industry Updates]

GenY Medium, a young Hyderabad-based start-up engaged in business of managing perceptions of brands in the online space has found a suitor in Mr. Srinath Devireddy, an angel investor and entrepreneur in the technology & IT industry.

Mr. Srinath picked up a significant minority stake in GenY Medium with an investment of under US $0.5 million and joins the company board. Mr. Srinath will now mentor the team, especially the next line of the management and help in developing the business model for overseas clients leveraging his vast professional experience. He runs Adroitent Inc, a technology solutions company focusing on healthcare with operations in the United States and India. Mr. Srinath has made several angel investments in companies focusing on social media, Big Data and healthcare IT, several of which have strong synergies with what GenY Medium plans to focus on.

GenY Medium is a full service digital marketing company, providing online branding and marketing services to leading clients with specialization in e-commerce, healthcare, education and consumer good space. The company was co-founded 18 months back by Mr. Yashwant Kumar and Mr. Ravi Jain, alumni of IIT Bombay and Ms. Richa Sethia, an internet entrepreneur.

The company offers services to many client including Indiatimes Shopping, Gitanjali Shop, NIIT, IFBI, Max Bupa, Cigna TTK, Sandor Medicaids, Vinegar Fashion among others. Their key differentiator is the ability to marry traditional marketing knowhow with digital marketing and use of proprietary tools for analyzing campaign effectiveness and also provide online reputation management solutions.

Explaining his rationale to invest in GenY Medium, Mr. Srinath said –

“GenY Medium’s team and their track record resonates with what I believe is the perfect team to do social media marketing. Social media will overtake traditional media in the near future and the team with the right experience and know-how will win is my firm belief.”

Mr. Yashwant Kumar, CEO – GenY Medium said

“This strategic investment is a testimony of our abilities to draw upon appropriate engagement strategies, campaign ideas and demonstrate measurable progress. We are confident that our company will be one of the foremost digital marketing agencies in India.”