Social Media Case Study: Change The Name by Fastrack

Social Samosa
May 18, 2013 04:45 IST
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22 Feet


To launch a digital only campaign which focuses on fan recruitment on Facebook and to reach the target of 10 million fans in 40 days. The campaign didn't involve the fans but challenged them.


To achieve this challenge Madison Public Relations had to come up with an idea which was equally ambitious.

  • Insight - ‘Proving you wrong makes me right’
  • The Idea - ‘Change the Name’. The idea was to throw open a contest to the youth of India to change the name of an established brand which they love. All they had to do was to like the Fastrack Facebook page and give a name they would want Fastrack to switch to. The catch was that the brand would change its name only if they reached the 10 million Facebook fans by the 31st of March.
  • This campaign was promoted across our Facebook and Twitter pages.


  • 1000 alternate names given for Fastrack
  • 40 days 1 million fans added to the Facebook page
  • The campaign was well received and covered on many online portals including international websites

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