Social Media Campaign Review: Castrol Cling on to Cricket Challenge

Here’s yet another cricket-based Facebook contest but this time, it is not the IPL!  It’s the ICC Champions Trophy, and it’s your chance to win a 3 nights – 4 days package to the United Kingdom to watch India play Pakistan at the ICC Champions Trophy, England & Wales, 2013 along with a partner.


With this contest, Castrol Cricket – the Official Performance Partner of the International Cricket Council (ICC) aims to reach out to Indian cricket fans on social media while building interest and excitement in a run up to the ICC Champions Trophy.

Castrol cricket challengeExecution

To sign up for the contest click on the “Cling on to Cricket Challenge”  on the Castrol Cricket Facebook page.

The Contest ran till 12th May, 2013.  The winner will be announced before 17th May 2013. To participate, users must create their profile on the application and perform the following tasks:

  • Write: His / her favourite cricketing moment on the application (this is mandatory)
  • Capture: Upload his / her most passionate cricket photo on the application (unlocks 25 votes) and
  • Record: Record a piece of cricketing commentary using the recorder provided in the application (unlocks 25 votes)
Who Will Win?

75 entries with the highest ‘Likes’ and ‘Votes’ will be shortlisted by Castrol. Out of these entries, 10 Entries will be further shortlisted by a panel of judges, as decided by Castrol on the basis of the parameters including but not limited to:

  • Total number of Likes and Votes on profile entries
  • Quality of entries decided by the judges, based on language used, grammar and diction in the recording of live commentary, picture used in the entry and originality of the content.
Prize on Offer

The winner wins a trip to the United Kingdom to watch India play Pakistan at the ICC Champions Trophy, England & Wales, 2013 along with a partner, who may be his/her spouse, relative or friend.


The contest app is well designed and a visit to the page enlightens one about how to participate while spelling out the terms and conditions very clearly. The Facebook contest has been supplemented with a YouTube video featuring Harsha Bhogle. Twitter fans are also kept updated about the contest.

Currently, as IPL fever has gripped India, the contest only holds promise of more cricketing action to come. The prize offers a once in a lifetime experience which cricket fans are likely to compete for in earnest. Submitting an entry is simple, yet tests the participant on 3 fronts, writing, images and recording, which is also very good.

castrol leaderboardScope for Improvement

The only scope for improvement would be thinking about one of the parameters for judging the contest – total number of ‘Likes’ and ‘Votes’ on profile entries. If one has more friends on Facebook, the entry may rank high regardless of the quality of the entry. While likes and votes are just one parameter it is not a huge stumbling block, it might deter people who do not have a large circle of Facebook friends from participating.


Founded in 2010, Castrol Cricket aims to provide team and player information, insights and a comparison teams and top performers using one-of-a-kind performance cards. With this contest, it has endeavoured to highlight its role as the Official Performance Partner of International Cricket Council (ICC) while reaching out to Indian cricket fans.


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