Google+ Announces 41 New Features Revolving Around Stream, Hangouts and Photos

google plus

During its annual I/O Developers Conference in San Francisco on Wednesday, Google senior vice president Vic Gundotra announced 41 new features for the company’s social networking site – Google+. These 41 new features revolve around three spaces: Stream, Hangouts, and Photos.

Google Plus’s stream is dynamic, meaning that all the content is laid out in a multi-column design that can be customized according to your screen size. So if you have a large screen, you can add more columns and use that white space. Google additionally introduced a new menu bar is hidden when required.

google plus stream

When you make a post on Google+, It automatically adds hashtags to your post by reading the text, scanning images in the post, and more. In this way, you can see more posts on the same subject, without the user having to add hashtags themselves.

googleplus hashtag

Google has introduced a complete a Google Hangout app with a cross-platform electronic messaging application. It means that it has integrated Google Talk, Hangouts, Voice and Google+ messenger all into one unified chat service.

To start a conversation , you open a new conversation, and add the preferred contacts. Hangouts automatically proposes the selection of people such as friends or family with whom you have a closer contact,. The new Hangout will be available on multiple platforms from Android, Chrome and iOS, of course within Gmail’s own web client.

Photo Sharing is a widely used feature on most of the social media platforms. And Google+ got it very right. It has unveiled several tools to help make sharing photos smarter, faster and smoother.

Google has got free 15gb of online storage for photos and pictures along with Auto Backup feature for its users. It is also adding a bunch of new features like Auto Highlight, Auto Enhance, and Auto Awesome, which the company claims will turn all of your terrible photos into good ones. It is like you upload your photos and they automatically get better.

Also a welcome addition is that you can upload higher resolution pictures than you used to on Facebook and Twitter.

To know more you can also check out Google’s official blog post. Now let’s wait and see, how the all new Google Plus turns out!

Image Source: Techcrunch