How to Use Twitter’s Vine Video App for Marketing

Twitter Vine

Recently Twitter took its stint into a whole new kind of smartphone app which it later named as Vine. This app allows the user to record and share a video of duration maximum as 6 seconds which then plays in a loop like a gif image.

Following the Twitter’s brevity principle, the Vine app has a unique charm as it enables a user to come up with a short and creative video which still says a lot. However, when it comes to marketing then it is quite obvious for you to think of no reason why Vine could be helpful. The reality is – it indeed can. Here is how-

Brand Elevator Pitch

Vine can be an ideal platform for the brand elevator pitch which means to let the people know what your brand is all about. Instead of babbling for minutes about your brand and its motives and stuff, it makes more sense to squeeze all the movies and values of your company into a short 6 seconds video. It will make a huge impact and if created appropriately, it can go viral as well.

Product Demonstration

Product demonstration videos which account for minutes can easily bore customers. Why not keep them short so that your customers get to know what your product is all about without peeving them off?

Announcing Special Offers

Consider that you want to promote a special offer which, let’s say, is 50% off on all merchandise. What would be the most optimum duration for a video promoting this? Quite less, isn’t it? With Vine you can create such gripping, catchy and sharable special offer videos easily.


Maintain Your Brand’s Existence

To ensure that your brand doesn’t fade away as evanescence from the market, you must occasionally launch catchy and innovative promotional videos. Vine proves to be an ideal platform for this. Since the videos will be very short so you will need to spend very less time in their creation and editing. Thus, you can easily afford to launch such videos often.

Run Contests to Engage Fans

You can use Vine to create engaging content. Many top brands and companies like Union J are already making a good use of Vine for creating such contests.

For instance, if you run an online restaurant directory then you can launch a contest in which the users can submit Vine based videos depicting the places they have dined. Another form of such contest could be a one in which the users take a video with your company’s merchandise. The most creative video submitted will win the contest. You can easily promote your brand in this way.

vine contest

Today, we all find ourselves running out of time in every domain. Thus, communications and conversations which are short make more sense now. Twitter has already proved it that the people really love short messages, and so why won’t they like short videos? Vine is thus a powerful tool which you can use for marketing and promoting your company not only effectively, but also creatively.