How Businesses Can Use Vine for Twitter

From micro blogs to micro websites, we proceed to micro videoing, aka Twitter’s newly launched Vine. A video making and sharing app, available on mobiles to create miniature videos of six seconds.

Vine so far has got mixed reviews. So did twitter when it was first introduced and asked us to limit our words to 140 characters. It’s a good change from the usual written content and pictures. Vine, through it’s videos gives a more human and personal touch to your customers.

For a business, it’s always about staying on top of your game. Vine could be this opportunity for brands, while it’s still new. In case you missed out on the what, how and when of Vine go on and read here.

Promotional Vines:

First thing first. When it comes to promotions use Vine. Its six second criteria makes you think out of the box and be your creative best. Everyone hates long commercials and ads that get in the way of their show/video. Six seconds let’s you be specific to what you want to showcase. Though its a very short span, it gains the viewers attention.

You can also use Vinepeek, VineRoulette – They are like timelines of Vine. See what your fellow competitors or brands that inspire you are doing. We always look for examples around us to get that “big idea”. Here’s your open window. Jump in. Since a lot of people are using it, you may also end up gaining a lot of traffic to your brand via sharing your vines here.

“Behind the scenes” Vines:

Get a step closer to your customers. Have Vines featuring how you work, introduce your employees, behind the scenes of an activity, etc. Feedbacks, reviews and testimonials could also be shown. Restaurants, make your chefs proud by featuring them while they make a scrumptious meal and entice the viewer.

“How To Do” Vines:

The most popular searches include anything that starts with a “How to”. Show Vines of how a product can be used in more than one way. It can be your very own user guide or an instruction manual to view even before the product has been brought. You can also make a fun video using the product.

“Before and after vines”:

If you have revamped your brand/ brand logo/ products you could launch it a before-and-after video that’s catchy and lets your consumers know the change.

Story telling:

Use the age old medium of story-telling to engage more with your customers. Anything that’s in the written form, convert it onto a micro video and share. You will have more audience seeing a video than reading a document.


This is the everyone’s favorite. Using social media as a platform to attract more customers by luring them with contests. Have a contest suing Vine. Be the first one to hold one while other’s are still experimenting.

A few more ways Vine could be used:

  • Ask a question through Vine, conveying an important/social message.
  • Consumer and e-commerce websites can Vine their products at different angles and lure customers to buy them.
  • Vine your restaurant menus.
  • Glimpses of a music festival, concert, conference, seminar you attended.

A regular tweet may go unnoticed, but a twitpic/embedded video is always stopped and looked at. Vine being innovative in it’s own way can be used in many such ways.

Your Vine will be crowdsourced and shared in real time. This will improve your search-engine ranking of your social media platforms.You can accurately drive traffic and boost your SEO by using tags, social buttons, and share buttons.

Currently, Vine can be downloaded only from Apple store. It will be rolled out soon for Android users as well.

Have you used Vine yet? Share with us more ways of using Vine for Business or just be a star and show us your Vines.