Sanjay Mehta on How to Make Sense of Social Media Data

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Sanjay Mehta on How to Make Sense of Social Media Data

We use Social Media to generate engagement and increase conversations for a brand. We then analyze the output obtained from the activities on social media. Facebook insights, google analytics and other SEO and SMM analytic tools are widely used to gather information on the progress of campaigns.

Data is available in bundles and huge amounts. But how much of this data is relevant in understanding your target group or the impressions created by a brand? How much of this data is interpreted by brand managers? What will you do with the data acquired?

These are the questions often asked by brands and social media managers. Mr. Sanjay Mehta answers all of these queries through this interactive video and helps you understand the relevance of data to your social media strategies.

A few important pointers from this video tutorial:

  • Collect data that makes sense and is relevant to your needs
  • Classify data in terms of the purpose of the data and it's sentiment
  • Plan/reform your strategies from the output of the data
  • Track your performance

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