How Revlon India used Social Media to Gain Consumer Insights

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How Revlon India used Social Media to Gain Consumer Insights

VML Qais, a full services digital marketing agency and their client Revlon India, leveraged social media to gain insight into the beauty habits of Indian woman, before driving a new campaign based upon those insights. Over a 2-week period, VML Qais ran a series of polls on the Revlon India Facebook page, asking women questions in order to draw insights. The polls were conducted on Revlon India Facebook Page to better understand the mindset of Indian women and their attitudes and habits towards foundation.

Some of the questions asked were:

The responses of nearly 75,000 Indian women were collected via these polls, and the findings documented in a one of a kind infographic. Some interesting findings derived included:

  • About 80% of Indian women use their fingers to apply foundation;
  • 40% spend less than 15 minutes applying their make-up;
  • and 80% touch up their make-up only once a day.

These findings were then immediately used to tailor the campaign according to prevailing preferences, illustrating how Revlon’s ColorStay Whipped Crème was the perfect solution and how this product fits perfectly in line with the majority response to each question.

“As an insights-driven agency, we are always interested in what the consumer has to say. Social media provides the perfect platform to actually listen to the customer and use that knowledge to add value to our clients’ business. This is a perfect example of how we gained real insights and then tailored the campaign to engage directly with, and address the needs of the consumer.” 

said VML Qais CEO Tripti Lochan.

VML Qais also tapped into its recently released Generation Asia findings, which contain an entire segment devoted to beauty. According to Generation Asia, 77.4% of women said they need to be recommended a new product before they will try it, 73% said they pick pointers from interesting make-up styles they see, and 80.2% feel the way someone does their make-up says a lot about their character.

The custom made infographic can be found here:

Revlon VML Qais infographic

VML Qais Revlon India Social Media to Gain Consumer Insights