Sanjay Mehta on the Secret Behind Successful Twitter Hashtag Campaigns

We have seen Mr. Sanjay Mehta talk about the best ways brands can use Twitter, to increase their engagement with the audience and influence consumers in our previous video tutorial. The very peculiar thing about twitter, is the hashtags feature. Search became easy and relevant conversations could be conveniently found using hashtags.

Hashtags became such a rage, that they became widely used on other social networks too, despite of the relevance to it’s use. Most of the topics seen on trends on twitter are that of hashtags. They are easy to catch attention to and become repetitively used through multiple users on the timeline.

Taking advantage of the feasibility to gain maximum attention through hashtags, twitter hashtags campaigns were born. Check your trending topics, you will find atleast 2 of them to be one of these. Brands use hashtags to promote, build conversations or run contests to attract consumers.

With the clutter of such campaigns on twitter, Mr. Sanjay Mehta tells you the secret behind running a successful twitter hashtag contest.

Featured Image Source: DanielMoyle on Flickr