Social Media Case Study: Say Yes Campaign by Yes2fashion

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May 21, 2013 04:30 IST
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As our Year End Sale was approaching Yes2fashion thought of coming up with a campaign that didn't just promote the sale, but also gave out a message to their fans/followers.

Then came the idea of YES! YES stood for Year End Sale, but the message within it was to SAY YES to things that make a difference, not just around but also in one’s life. They wanted people to have hope, belief and the willingness to bring that change & SAY YES. It was all about spreading the message this March & making a difference.


  • To promote the Year End Sale with SAY YES Campaign and give out a message.
  • To divert people to check out their Sale.


  1. Launch Twitter Contest on the day the sale goes LIVE on Website.
  2. Online branding/customization as per the Sale theme (Facebook & Twitter)
  3. Announcement post
  4. Online promotion of the Twitter contest
  5. Online promotions of the Sale
  6. Simultaneously launching the campaign on Facebook


  • The SAY YES campaign was a huge success in terms of the Interactions, engagement and it did help them break the mark they were aiming for the brand.
  • The aim was to touch more lives, make an impact and use Social Media to promote positivity when the environment was flooded with disturbing news.
  • The response was overwhelming and they wanted people to know that Positive Reinforcement always has a lasting impression.
  • A decent number of website visitors was recorded.
  • Despite not doing a contest, the campaign was purely on the basis of a theme that helped them bring their brand in a spotlight and increased their reach.

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