Social Media Case Study: Smirnoff Espressology Meet

Mindshift Interactive conducted The Smirnoff Espressology Meet to launch a new flavour of vodka for Smirnoff.

Brand Objective

To announce the launch of their new flavoured vodka, Smirnoff Espresso, on digital.

What They Did

1. They got people who love to drink, party and basically, have a good time, together in two cities – Mumbai and Bangalore.

2. Instead of conducting a regular meetup, it was an evening of Mixology with professional Mixologists, rightfully christening it as ‘The #Espressology Meet’.

3. People attending were trained to make the right cocktails, with Espresso!

Bangalore and Mumbai Event Highlights

It was an evening of mixing it up! The event highlights include:

  • Blind-folded tasting
  • Coffee Vodka Badges
  • Social media influencers partying with Smirnoff
Total Outreach

Facebook: 1,71,52,00,000

Twitter: 8,32,05,75,000

Bloggers: 2,36,400

Outreach Strategy

11 Bloggers + 9 Facebookers + 14 Tweeps = 10 Million+ Outreach