Effective Use of Twitter by Uttar Pradesh Police

uttar pradesh police on Twitter

After Bangalore City Police announced its launch of the Police Community Engagement program through Social Media in October 2012, now it’s Uttar Pradesh (UP) Police who has joined in for the same.

uttar pradesh police on Twitter

UP Police is trying to make the most out of twitter. They are using this platform to take complaints, inform people about their rights, seek community support and also share initiatives being taken by them. Interestingly, they’re also countering unconfirmed reports in the media with their own version of events. Have a look at some their tweets:

The UP Police appears to maintain transparency between the state and the police by engaging with users on twitter, creating a Facebook presence, giving out their helpline number asking users to text them in case of an emergency. In spite of not having a verified Twitter Account, it has managed to gain trust of the people. Their further plan seems to be expansion of social media initiatives to 21 Police districts.

The approach by the department appears to be very sociable by looking at the tweets so far, now let us see how it materializes