Facebook makes changes in it’s Ads options, Advertisers please note

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Facebook has been gathering feedback from marketers about their ads products and it evaluated that it needs to simplify its product offering. As the services Facebook provides to marketers as well as its products have grown, it realized that many of them accomplish the same goals.

So it looks forward to align their ad products with a marketer’s business goals. An advertiser can come to Facebook and tell them what they are trying to achieve, and Facebook’s ads tools will automatically suggest the right combination of products to help them achieve it.

Facebook has announced that in the next six months, they plan to streamline the number of ad units from 27 to fewer than half of that while mapping all of their ads to the business objectives like in-store sales, online conversions, app installs, etc.

Facebook will also be cutting out redundancies including removing the Questions product for Pages because marketers can simply ask a question in a post and get answers in comments.

eliminate facebook questions

In addition, they will be removing the online Offer product because marketers have found that using a Page post link ad is a more effective way to drive people to deals on their websites.

Facebook offer

Research from Nielsen, comScore, and Datalogix shows that social context can drive awareness and return on ad spend. Therefore, Facebook also plans to include the best of sponsored stories in all ads, automatically adding social context to Page post photo ads to boost performance and eliminate the extra step of creating sponsored stories.

Facebook sponsored stories and ads update

Facebook intends to implement a more consistent visual display of Facebook ads across all marketer objectives and Facebook placements. This will reduce the number of ad formats and make the ad creation process much simpler for advertisers who run multiple campaigns or want to test which ad creative performs the best. It will ultimately help advertisers optimize their campaigns across desktop and mobile. A consistent look and feel to ads will also be a better overall experience for people on Facebook.

conseistient Facebook ads

In the coming weeks and months, marketers will start to see these streamlined changes to Facebook ads solutions.

Source: Facebook

Key Takeaways for Advertisers:
  1. Designing your Facebook ads will be really easy with consistent visual display of Facebook Ads! Unleash your creativity with varied exceptional ideas for your ads to test and rotate them.
  2. Limited Facebook Ad products will help in achieving an increase in click through rate for advertisers. You can expect improvement in ROI. According to Facebook Product Manager Fidji Simo, this will benefit advertisers “by reducing the possibility of choosing the wrong thing.”
  3. Advertisers can analyse their Ad campaigns based on specific metrics like page likes, post engagement, app installs, app engagement, event responses, footfalls etc.
  4. With consumers increasingly accessing Facebook on mobile devices, there is improvement on Facebook’s mobile capabilities. Marketers -If you want to have an edge over competition, have a mobile marketing strategy in place!
  5. Facebook said the streamlined system would not affect pricing on its ads, but would not comment when asked how the changes could affect overall revenue. The bidding process isn’t changing at all.