How NGO’s Can Use Social Media to Raise Funds [Report]

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Why should NGOs look at Social Media to raise funds?

  • 72% of active online users have read a blog
  • 45% have started have their own blog
  • 39% subscribe to an RSS Feed
  • 57% have used a Social Network
  • 55% have uploaded photos
  • 83% have watched video clips

With the surge in Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, you can now reach a much wider audience to raise money for your cause.

 How to build your Social Media strategy ?

The strategy should aim to first engage the audience, then create a credible image and trust for the NGO, and finally, motivate the supporters to get actively involved and contribute funds.

Make the most of Social Media

  • As an NGO, garnering funds for your initiatives is one of the most difficult tasks you face.
  • Though the members your target audience might support your initiative with all their heart, they may not be very forthcoming when it comes to actually making a contribution in terms of funds.
  • Your Social Media strategy should be directed towards overcoming this apprehension.
  • Bridge the gap to make it easy and worthwhile for your target audience to cross over from being just a supporter to becoming an active contributor.
  • The guidelines suggested above will definitely prove helpful and allow you to make better use of Social media.
  • For any more assistance, we are always at hand.
  • You can contact us and be rest assured that you will definitely get your Digital Marketing and Social Media strategy right.