How Teens and Their Parents use Social Media [Report]

Teens and Their Parents use Social Media

Growth of Social Media in India:

Indians Love Social Media! 58,000 new users getting connected every single day.

How Many Indian Teens are Online?

Without a doubt, teens today are immersed in the World Wide Web, and more specifically on social networking sites. As more relationships are built and maintained through social networking websites , teens are also encountering a growing number of unkind peers.

And parents, as a result, are becoming more connected and involved in their child’s online life.76 percent of online teens aged between 12-17 years are users of social media.

How Teens Treat their Peers Online?

Teenage girls are more unkind to their peers than their male counterparts. 88% of teens on social media say they have seen online cruelty or meanness on a social network site.

Are Parents and Teen Online Friends?

92% of parents are friends with their children on Facebook out of which 55% sent the friend request and 45% received it. 72% of parents have their children’s passwords.

Reasons why Parents look at their children’s Facebook Profile:

  • 40% Safety
  • 15% Curiosity
  • 41% Both
  • 4% Other’

Did you know?

  • 29% of parents can only see their child’s limited profile
  • 50% of parents engage with brands and products on Facebook
  • 24% of parents get made fun by their children for lack of Facebook knowledge.

And the Big Question:

Would you be friends with your parents and children online?