[Cancelled] Lemp Brew Pub’s Owner to be Available on Live Google Hangout Chat


Folks, we regret to inform you that today’s live hangout with Lemp Brewpub has been cancelled. We received a call from them at 00:15 AM notifying us that legal cell has advised them against making any public statements as the case is under investigation. In fact, we did a trial hangout with them at 7 PM yesterday and everything seemed fine till then.

Here is the copy of the email sent to us by Lemp at 00:34 AM:

Lemp Live Hangout Cancelled

They mentioned that they would come back to us for the Hangout once they get a green signal from their legal counsel.

After the recent incident that took place at Lemp Brew pub, Social Samosa reached out to their team.

We will have Lemp’s team in a live Google Hangout chat where you can ask them questions regarding their approach towards the incident and the resulting negative buzz on social media.

The ‘Twangout’ is on this coming Tuesday, June 18, between 12PM – 1PM.

The respondent shall be Akshay Lutharia, Owner, Lemp, BrewPub & Kitchen.

What is a Twangout?

A Twangout is an integration of Twitter with the live video stream from Google Hangout. While your questions will be on Twitter, the answers will be through a live video – both integrated on one platform.

All you need to do is to tweet your query using the #SamosaChats and your questions will be answered via a live YouTube video link. Make sure you use the hashtag else the questions will be missed out.