Nissan India Copies Vogue Eyewear’s Campaign Tile to Tile

Twitter contests are the hottest trend in the market today and every other brand is jumping to the Twitter contest bandwagon. Considering the fast pace of Twitter, if a contest is not innovative, it can get lost in the clutter. More so when it uses “the-same-old copied-concept.”

Either your concept is done and dusted, tried and forgotten or it manages to cut through the competition.

Yesterday, I came across Nissan India’s twitter contest and the first thing that came to my mind was “Hey, I think I have seen that somewhere before!” But I couldn’t recollect when and where. The concept looked vaguely familiar to me. After a while, it did ring a bell.

Nissan has released a sketch of its all new Terrano with a twitter contest. Participants had to keep tweeting with the hashtag #Terrano to unlock the car. I find this idea quite similar to Vogue Eyewear’s contest. Don’t believe me? Take a look at this:

Similarity #1

Just like Vogue, Nissan too hosts a fans generated Mosaic of tiles that completes the image. Come on! Why would you do such a thing considering Vogue’s campaign was held just recently. It is annoying to see brands using worn-out concepts. Don’t you want to spur innovation and make a mark?

vogue eyewear social media campaign
Similarity #2

Creating an early buzz using Social Media for new a new launch. Vogue revealed the new face of Vogue Eyewear, whereas Nissan unlocks its new car with a similar campaign. Both the brands are trying to communicate and position their new launch. The goal is to spread the word about it in an engaging way.

Similarity #3

Each time a person participates, a tile is created with the profile of the participant. Moving the pointer across the mosaic allows you to see user entries. Users could find themselves in the mosaic. It is the same damn thing Vogue had done!

Nissan Terrano
Similarity #4

Both the campaigns are encouraging the creation of user generated content thereby motivating with an incentive. “Participate to complete the picture and we reveal our new launch! Oh yes, we are giving away prizes!” I can hardly spot any difference there.

Similarity 5

Even the the prizes are similar! Vogue gave away iphones, Nissan is giving blackberry phones as prizes. Or shall Nissan be given some concession for not choosing iPhones as the prize?

I Wish Nissan Had:

Although I feel Nissan Terreno’s campaign is duplicate copy of  Vogue’s “Guess who”, There are a lot of areas it could improve upon. I cannot find a set of instructions or rules to participate. It is still unclear what is the campaign all about, how to participate and what the rules are.

Moreover, Nissan India’s Facebook page does not speak about this contest at all. Vogue’s campaign had garnered a total of 108,000 tweets and 41 million impressions. It was a much better integrated campaign. The least Nissan India could do was at least mention about the new launch on their Facebook page.

Moreover, while tweeting from Nissan Terrano’s microsite, a user is automatically redirected to twitter. However, these tweets do not mention Nissan’s twitter handle. What is the whole point of the campaign if the brand is not mentioned in the tweets?

Nissan terrano campaign

I am sure Nissan missed out a lot mentions thanks to this.

To be honest, unveiling things on Twitter using hashtags is not a unique concept. It has been done before by many brands in the west. But the striking ripoff is just too baffling. At the least, there should have been one differentiating factor. Alas! All I found were similarities.

So don’t just close your eyes and copy the concept. Lets achieve high standards in the Indian Social Media sphere. Think big and start innovating, only then you can execute a rock solid campaign!