A Complete Guide on Photo and Video Sizes for Google Plus

Making your presence felt on the web is not restricted to Facebook and twitter, Google Plus is also an important platform for brands and businesses seeking to make a mark.

Recently Google Plus got a major makeover and most of these changes were related to visual content and image editing tools. Why not use these awesome features to give a new look to your brand on Google plus?

Google+ Cover photos are a great opportunity for creativity. Here’s something to spark your imagination! – Get inspired with Google’s cover photo


Here’s everything you wanted to know about images sizes on Google plus.

Photos you upload will be stored at Standard size. Standard size photos are best for web sharing, and have a resolution designed to look great on tablets. If your preference is to have your photos uploaded at standard size, photos will be resized to 2048 pixels on the longest edge.

Full size uploads are currently available when you upload photos on your desktop, or with Auto Backup on your Android device. Full size photos refers to the original image resolution of your photo (e.g. 4288 x 2848).

When you add photos to Google+, they’ll also be available in Picasa Web Albums.

Size Specifics:

  1. Profile picture (250×250 pixels) with a 6 pixels border
  2. Cover photo: Your cover photo is the large feature photo spanning your profile.Google recommends, you upload cover photos that are 960 x 540 pixels. At a minimum please select a photo that is 480 x 270 pixels, and at maximum of 2120 x 1192 pixels for retina displays.
  3. Videos: You can upload an unlimited number of videos that are less than 15 minutes long and 1080p or lower resolution.

If you’d prefer uploading and storing full size uploads, additional storage is available for purchase if needed. Did you know you can get all the photos in your album in a .zip file for storage outside of Google+

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Also, you can choose to enable Auto Backup that allows you to automatically back up photos and videos taken from your device to Google+ at the upload size you’ve specified.


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