Social Media Agency Feature: Trinetra Focus Digital

Trinetra Focus Digital Digital Media Company in India

Who are we?

Trinetra Focus Digital is an integrated strategic consulting & full service digital agency that partners with brands to deliver effective communications to their audiences.

Started in the year 2009, Trinetra Focus is the digital arm of Focus Circle Brands which is a mainline advertising & communications agency operating in the industry for over 16 years.

The Focus Circle Group has over 120 employees across Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Pune and Dubai.

Trinetra Focus Digital

What’s in the name?

Growth and Success is a synergy between Knowledge, Introspection and Vision. The multi faceted logo and the name communicate the zeal derived out of this synergy to provide you with 3 core services – Strategy, Media and Content within the 3 parameters of success: Knowledge, Introspection and Vision.

What we do?

Strategy & Planning: All brands need strategic plans that would help them win over customers. At Trinetra Focus we infiltrate the audiences mind by learning how to speak their language and mimic their behaviour thereby allowing us to gauge how they interact with our client’s and competitor’s products as well. We uncover unique insights and then develop an actionable plan that’s grounded in reality.

Marketing & Advertising: We develop holistic platforms, campaigns and ecosystems that help brands become a lovable part of a consumer’s everyday life. Through effective media planning we are able to pinpoint and create key touch points across Display, Search, Social and Mobile.

Social Media: SMM is all about conversations, either good or bad; they are a means for brands to humanize their interactions with the consumer.

We strive to create conversations that build brands and thus result in not just awareness, likes and fan count increases but measurable ROI as well.

Creative, UX & Content: We conceptualize brand identities, messaging, content strategies and visual design in order to create synergies that work best for our partners.

Technology: We’d like to think that we’re custom tailors for the tech world undertaking various custom projects from interactive websites and mobile apps to augmented reality setups.

Why we do it?

Today’s media space is an evolved one; there are multiple methods and platforms through which a brand can reach out to its consumers and digital happens to be the fastest growing and most cost effective of the lot. Except for rural areas of India where adopting the latest technology isn’t keeping pace yet, which other platform can cast such a huge web, across multiple demographics with measurable results and efficient ROI’s?

How we evolve?

Absorb! Keep reading, keep thinking and keep dreaming.

Social responsibility in social media

All type of feedback is valuable; the good ones provide gratification for a job well done whereas the negative ones show you where there is scope to improve. Brands must do their best to “listen”.

Need of the hour

There are a lot of factors that are left unaddressed today including the scope of our “freedom of speech” online. Besides this, there is no real regulation on what is being put out there for people to consume and who vets this content.

We learned the hard way

Hindsight and due diligence! Always be prepared for unpredictable eventualities. Communication can always be misconstrued; it’s always good to be prepared for certain types of negative backlash that can occur with a brand online.

Fingers crossed, we haven’t experienced this first hand but we have seen a lot of it, Abercrombie & Fitch being the most recent example.

Did we just share that?

Fortunately we didn’t ;)

They work with us

The Oberoi, FoodFood, , Finolex, HouseProud, COTY, Lilliput, FLAME Pune, IDP Education, Sil, Samsonite, Worldoo, Runwal, Ambuja Realty, Arabian Nights, New Holland, JSW, Bombino, Case Constructions etc.

Industry as we foresee

Urban India:

  • Facebook saturation
  • Close knit groups based on “actual friends and interests”
  • Visual based sharing
  • Adoption of new and emerging social platforms

Rural India:

  • Tenfold growth in existing social platforms
  • Eagerness’ to participate
  • A lot of brand engagement

Lastly, are you hiring?

We’re currently looking for search engine experts and visionary tech developers.