Social Media Campaign Review: The Magnificent 7 by Cleartrip

Bikram K. Singh
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Magnificient 7 cleartrip facebook

Travel and online ticket booking is the biggest driver of ecommerce in India. Players like MakeMyTrip and have become the household name. Although ClearTrip does not have the brand asset that the above two have built over the year, the online travel company is cementing its place firmly in the sector. Getting 7 lakhs+ fans on Facebook is an important step in that direction, so no wonder the travel company has decided to run a promotion (The Magnificent 7) and offer some freebies to lucky winners on this occasion.


The apparent objective of the Magnificent 7 is to celebrate the 7 lakhs fans that ClearTrip has gained on Facebook, but a more important goal appears to be lead generation. The design of the form clearly suggests so.


The execution of the campaign is quite straight forward, and instructions are quite clear and succinct. The design is clutter-free. The brand color has been nicely incorporated in the design of the campaign. The designer has kept the “short attention span” of web users in mind when designing the campaign. And by offering two chances to choose the right answer, and expressing it right above the form, the travel company has reduced the entry barrier.

Magnificient 7 Cleartrip social media campaignPositives:

Asking for name, email ID, and phone number for any other purpose than getting a free return ticket might not have fetched a very good result for ClearTrip, but when it masked the demand with a chance to win one return ticket daily, the task became easy. And the bait was also nicely timed. The campaign allows clear trip to test the knowledge of their customers and create awareness about its offerings. They can gain insights about clear trip's features that are not so popular.

Magnificient 7 Cleartrip social media campaign

The design of the campaign made the campaign look natural and not forced. The quiz also gave the company an opportunity to expose its various products to the end users, which it has nicely done. This will result in an increase in engagement in the future.

And by allowing people to share the result with their friends and invite them to participate, ClearTrip has played its card right.

Magnificient 7 Cleartrip social media campaign Scope for Improvement:

Conceptually, the campaign is simple but has been nicely done. The contest is simple and well executed. There is very little scope for improvement, but there is a space for visual improvement, then again it is more a matter of preference than of any objective principle. And I’d have roped in twitter to amplify the campaign’s reach.


Apart from exploring other aspects of travel businesses, ClearTrip also offers an opportunity to win a free flight ticket or holidays, from time to time. Taking that aspect in consideration I can say that the current promotion is in line with its Facebook activity of ClearTrip.

The campaign will also help the company meet its business goal by generating qualified leads with all the vital information. As mentioned above, the campaign has been nicely executed, but the travel company could have amplified the campaign’s reach should it have brought twitter in the fold.

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