Social Media Case Study: CupoNation


Brand Name:

CupoNation (handled in-house)

Objective: is a website which provides coupons for e-commerce companies in India. As part of a marketing strategy, Cuponation does a large scale business campaigns every two months. In May 2013, they wanted to promote the coupons for sports category so they did the Fit India Movement campaign.


They sourced special coupons for this campaign from leading online retailers. To increase the awareness they had to get a social angle. The campaign was scheduled during the IPL season. To target the youth, they used a tag line that would excite the youth.

“Get High on Sports not on Drugs”

They roped in leading sports personalities like Sushil Kumar (Olympic double medallist), Gagan Narang (Olympic medallist), Atul Wasan (Former India Cricketer) & Shiba Maggon (National Women’s Basketball Team Coach) and talked about the importance of sports in our daily lives. This gave a social aspect to the whole campaign

To ensure the message reached the masses, Cuponation promoted this video on our main page and our facebook page. They also ran a contest on their facebook page. For signing up for our newsletter and referring friends, people would get points. The winner was awarded a Sports Bike.


The contest combined with the sports video was received well and saw high engagement from our fans. The number of fans increased by 25%. Our traffic from the social media channel increased by 40% resulting in increase in sales and brand awareness.