The State of Social Media Advertising [Infographic]

Gurman Bhatia
Jun 15, 2013 05:28 IST
the state of social ads

The advertising segment on the social media has grown. And in many ways, it has grown massively. An infographic by Uberflip reflects on the amount of money going into the process, who is the biggest spender of them all, which platform happens to be most popular amidst advertisers and the effectiveness of the whole exercise.

According to the stats, Facebook earns the most out of advertising with a revenue of 4.3 billion dollars. The reason for the same can be the largest user base and also the multiple options Facebook gives you for advertising. These range from a side advertisement, sponsored story, promoted posts, sponsored app and Event sponsorship. Facebook is then followed by LinkedIn at 972 million dollars.

The stark difference between the two platform makes the popularity of Facebook amidst advertisers even more apparent. Twitter comes in third with an ad revenue of 272 million dollars. Twitter is an interesting case study because the platform has advertising in the form of a promoted post, promoted trend and promoted account. No traditional ads and side/banner ads come in to clog your Twitter experience. But the limited, non-traditional advertising options also seem to have effect the lack of people actually opting for Twitter as an advertising platform

The infographic also shows how social media is not the center of the companies budget allocations with the maximum percentage of people spending less that 10% of their budget on social media advertising. It breaks down the analysis between advertisers and agencies and shows that what is the basic strategy for the two different channels. While agencies focus on campaigns that are more of brand building rather than a inciting a direct response, advertisers focus more on offering a mix of the two.

If you have been curious about who shells the maximum amount of money in America for social advertising, the infographic states that as well. Accoring to Comscore, AT&T happens to be the largest social media advertiser with over 12.9 billion impressions. Microsoft is next in line with 4 billion impressions. Clearly, AT&T is way ahead in the race. Other top advertisers include Disney, Amazon and Netflix.

Lastly, the results of social advertising are put to test. Though the accurate figures can never really be recorded, the infographic states that 16% of the people who are exposed to a social ad make a final purchase. 26% of the people like the ad and 15% go on to share it. Do note that the entire point of advertising happens to be futile if it does not result in an 'action' by the consumer at some point in time.

Here is the infographic for you to see:

Social Media Ads infographic uberflip

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