5 Facebook Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Bikram K. Singh
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In our time, a marketing plan that does not include Facebook into cannot be said complete; such has become the influence of this social media platform. Marketers are, by large, aware of this, so in order to avoid the unpleasant result of not including it in their plan, they include it in their overall marketing plan. But many a time they do not give it the importance it deserves, which results in a half-hearted effort to build a base on Facebook.

The lack of interest in including Facebook is also because of lack of awareness about Facebook marketing, which we (Social Samosa) wish to remove by sharing informative articles on the topic. The current article is one important step in that direction. After reading this you will feel confident to execute your Facebook marketing campaign. Now without wasting any more second, let’s go to the mistake number one.

Mistake No. 1: No Plan whatsoever

Just creating a Facebook page, uploading a profile picture and a cover image, and filling all the details to the last section is not a plan. These may constitute a good launch pad, but a lunch pad can only take you so far. But in case you need to take a proper advantage of the power of Facebook, you need to have a proper Facebook marketing plan, which should contain a content marketing plan, plan for getting initial likes, promotion plan, fan nurturing and engagement plan. The content marketing plan should contain a content calendar, list of content types you will use, contest and giveaways you will launch.

Mistake No. 2: Preoccupied with likes

Getting likes for your business page is important to extend your network, but being single-minded about getting likes will harm your Facebook marketing effort like nothing else. Such single-mindedness leads many marketers to buying likes from outside vendors, and to pushing people again and again to the level of irritating them to like your page. Neither likes from fake profiles (this is what people selling fans deliver) nor pushing hard for likes will help your business. You need to focus on other things than focusing exclusively on getting new likes.

Mistake No. 3: Too many texts

No one likes to read a blog-length update. If one has to read a blog, the person will go to the blog and will not waste his time on your page. People come to your page to get small bites of information that will inform them about important stuff without wasting their time.

You need to keep your updates as short as possible. In Facebook research it has been found that posts that contains 100-250 characters are more likely to get more likes, comments, and shares. Another research by Buddy Media found a similar trend. It found that posts with 80 or less characters increases the engagement rate by 27%. You may want to say that Twitter has spoiled the audience, but that is how it is.

Mistake No. 4: Not responding to user posts/comments

Not replying to the comments and posts made by users on Facebook wall is the most common Facebook marketing mistake. Even seasoned marketers are prone to committing this mistake. You need to understand that social media is a place for conversation to take shape, and if you do not play your part, you will reduce your customers’ attempt to converse with you to nothing. And trust me they are not going to give you many chances.

Mistake No. 5: Boring or predictable updates

Posting similar updates (be is text, images, videos, or contests) on all days of week without any new flavor added to them is going to drain your fans of any interest they ever had in your page, whatsoever. And in the world where people are exposed to so many exciting things, mundane updates amount to nothing. In order to get anything out of your marketing efforts, you need to be interesting to your audience, and in that nothing can replace creativity and imagination. Be creative. Be wild. But be interesting.

A line of advice

In an effort to count trees, marketers often lose sense of the forest, and thus get lost in the woods. If you want a healthy return on your Facebook investment, you need to avoid the aforementioned mistakes, which many businesses fall prey to.

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