[Video Walkthrough] A Beginner's Guide to Facebook Page Creation

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[Video Walkthrough] A Beginner's Guide to Facebook Page Creation

Setting up a Facebook page for your business is a very good step for your business. To set up your Facebook page, you just need to follow some simple steps. Here is a beginner's guide to Facebook page creation.

Login to Facebook through your personal profile and go to

Take a look at the main categories of pages and decide which one fits your business best depending on the type of business. Unless you have a physical store front that your customers come to, do not select 'Local business or place' because Facebook will automatically turn your page into a place.

Click on one of the boxes to select the main category. You can now browse through the sub-categories in the drop-down menu to further describe your business. The categories are not perfect and Facebook needs to tinker with it a little more. But categories should be more important for local businesses as their choice is evident.

Facebook also insists on capitalizing the first word of the page name and you cannot create unusual page names in upper case. You can request to have your page name changed later if that is the official name of your business. But you will have to create the page name initially without the unconventional capitalization. You will be able to change your page name only till you have 200 fans or 'Likes'. So, if you aren't sure about the page name at the beginning, you can tweak it for a little while. Select the box next to 'I agree to Facebook page terms' and click on 'Get Started'.

You must then add information about your page within 155 characters that will show in this field. You can write more than 155 characters. The 'About' page has several large sections where you can describe yourself in detail. The most incredible feature is that the 'About' page is indexed in Google. So you will want to ensure that the page is descriptive and word rich in order to enhance your SEO. Click the 'Yes' radio button that you are representing a real business and then click 'Save Info'

The next step is to your add your 'Profile Picture'. The ideal size is 180 x 180 pixels but it can also be larger.

Facebook also offers you a unique web address for your Facebook page, making it easier for people to search your page. This field cannot be changed later, so you must enter your address carefully.

Since your page is new, Facebook will suggest that you advertise your page for greater visibility. These are paid advertisements, which has been covered in an earlier tutorial on Facebook Advertising. You can also opt to skip this step.

You have now setup your page but there is also a lot more that you can do with it. You can 'Like' your own page, Share something by posting, add a Cover Photo, and also add more details to your page.


Now that you know how to create a Facebook page, you can get started and customize your page to your liking.

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