Brand Engagement on Social Skyrockets: Social Global Report 2013

Rahim Musani
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Brand Engagement on Social Skyrockets: Social Global Report 2013

More and more users are opting for social media. Online Social Media networks have emerged as the new way in which people connect socially. Facebook leads the race with over 1.2 billion users.

GlobalWebIndex released its latest infographic called "Social Platforms Update Q1 2013" containing all the latest data about active usage, user engagement, photo sharing and brand engagement on Pc and Mobile for Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.

Statics show that over 618 million people use Facebook on a daily basis. 23% of these users check their account 5 or more times every day. Out of every seven minute someone spends online, one is on Facebook. There are around 2.7 billion likes clicked per day. Since the dawn of twitter there have been 163 billion tweets. On an average there are 175 million tweets. That is more than the number of books published worldwide. The average twitter user has tweeted 307 times. Google+ is making an impact on the social media universe and is now the second largest social network. Google+ has around 359 million active users.

GlobalWebIndex’s Stream Social Global Report Q1 2013 offers insight into the activities of social media users aged 16-64 across 31 different countries around the world.

Facebook saw a 27.5% increase in daily active users. That means Facebook has 701.5 million Active users. Google+ saw an increase of 23% which took its total tally to 359.2 million active users. Twitter leads the race with a whopping 37% increase in active users. Twitter has 296.6 million active users as of Q1 in 2013.

Google+ saw an overall increase in comments posted, pictures uploaded or shared and pages liked on Laptops/PCs and mobile phones. Facebook witnessed a 6% decrease on Laptops/PCs and 8.6% decrease on mobile phones in the number of photos posted each day. Twitter had a 35% increase in the pictures shared or uploaded.

Other findings include:

  • Facebook saw a 27.5% increase in active users between Q2 2012 and Q1 2013 across PCs, smart phones and tablets.
  • Brand interactions on Facebook increased by 13% on mobile and 2% on PCs.
  • Twitter grew its active user base by 37%, and brand engagement on the micro-blogging platform increased 16.5% on mobile.
  • Brand interaction on Google+ increased 45.5% on PCs, and activity posts on PCs increased by 83%.Twitter and Google+ both possessed Q1 active engagement rates around 60%.

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