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The objective of the campaign was to create awareness about the TVC launch and a friend can get you a job via #YaarTuGodHai contest.


  • To create awareness about the contest, tweets were posted June 10, 2013 using the hash tag #YaarTuGodHai.
  • Launch contest on June 11, 2013. using the hash tag #YaarTuGodHai.
  • They were asking the users various scenarios where there would say there friends YaarTuGodHai.
  • They also seeded Tweets on how friends can also get you a job through Shinedotcom.
  • The contest was live for 11 hours, from 11am to 10pm.


  • Trending #1 in India for straight 27 hours.
  • Trending 4th Worldwide
  • 15000+ Tweets
  • 400 Followers added in 1 day
  • Estimated reach - 3 Million

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