Harshil Karia on How is Online Branding Different from Offline? [Video Interview]

online and offline branding

For years, marketing was traditionally conducted offline, with the use of newspapers, television, radio, and print advertising. With the popularity and vast reach of virtual media, marketing has become digital. Old school ways are still in use, but the new boys rock the streets. When marketing, it is essential to keep certain things about social media in mind and how it is different from offline media.

In this interview with Harshil Karia, Co – Founder & Online Strategist at Foxymoron, we take a look at online marketing.

Harshil, tell us How online marketing is similar, yet different with respect to offline marketing?

The core idea of Offline and Online Marketing is the same. The only difference between them is the way they are executed. In offline marketing, you have ample amount of time to attract your customers, but in online marketing you have to make an impression within minutes, sometimes literally seconds. The other major aspect that online marketing revolves around, is the idea. The idea should relate to your customers, without which is it very difficult to build brand loyalty online. If we consider the example of Happydent, their idea of “Muskurale” appeals to customers and, at the same time relates to the brand. The idea should reach the customers and therefore the entire focus of online marketing should be on the execution of the idea. Online marketing also needs to be Media Agnostic.

When you pick an idea for online marketing, ensure that the idea excites you, before you think about introducing it to customers. Try to leave a lasting impression in the given amount of time.

Online marketing can be pursued on different platforms, which companies are widely associating with.  As Harshil clearly pointed out, online marketing is all about idea and its proper execution. Today, online advertising is a big business and growing rapidly. In 2012, Internet advertising revenues in the United States totalled $36.57 billion, a 15.2% increase over the $31.74 billion in revenues in 2011. In India, it is sure to evolve.

So, as a company when you come up with an online marketing strategy, make sure you keep Harshil’s idea in mind.

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